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 How did we get here?

God created the earth and all that is in it. He then scooped up a handful of the dirt He made, molded us in His image, and breathed His very breath into our lungs. And it was good. He is why we are here today.

He told the first people he made (Adam & Eve) what kind of decisions to make, but they, and then all the people (like you, like us) decided instead to do the things that seemed better. As a result, death entered our blood stream and the world became diseased with selfish willfulness (otherwise known as sin). This brought all the bad things.

Embracing reality

You see, there actually is an Owner’s Manual issued by the Maker. When it’s ignored, things get out of hand real fast. Anyway, as a result of this overlooked detail, a lot of wrong came in the world and that’s why we hurt. 

But the Good News is this–long before the disease of sin; before He even made us; He knew we would cost Him everything. He decided we were worth it. He knew He would personally have to be the antidote for our sin disease. To cure the systemic disease running rampant He would have to give up all His blood.

So, He stepped down from His throne into the middle of our story and the King of the Universe became fully human, to be with us. He wasn’t too big for our smallness. Being human, He experienced the same physical needs, went through the same temptations and experienced the same emotions. He was faced with the same choices too, but the difference is He never made a wrong one. From diapers to puberty to grave, NEVER ONCE did He sin (enter into selfish-willfulness). 

Why does this matter? Because we needed a blood transfusion. But how? That’s where that cross enters the scene. The one we wear around our necks and take so lightly, it feels that easy for us to bear because He, Jesus, did all the heavy lifting when He gave up all His blood on the cross meant for you; for us. That means we do not have to carry the weight of our selfish-wilfulness, the consequences and the regret. It also means that there is new life available to us if we receive the antidote, Jesus.

You see, in one death-defying move, His blood made us clean and His Cross set us free. It’s not just good news. It’s the best news of all time. He got back up. More awesome news? So will you. “Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again” (Prov 26:16). That’s the nature of resurrection. That’s the new DNA for the person who receives THE CURE. 

moving forward

How do you receive the cure? Stop right now and talk to Jesus. Of course you can’t see Him. It’s okay, He sees you. He knows what you’re thinking right now even though you have not begun to open your mouth. Just tell Him that you recognize all the bad things that have happened- some of them are done by others and some of them are done by you. Regardless of where it all started, you are hurting. Ask Him now to enter into His story again–you–enter into you, breathe into you like He did Adam and Eve so long ago and make you come alive from the inside-out. Ask Him for new DNA. Ask Him for a do-over. Ask Him to change your whole life. By the way, all the bad stuff is an unnecessary heavy weight. Why don’t you let Him have it? The same God who is small enough to enter our story is for sure big enough to shoulder it all and toss it as far as the east is from the west, into the sea of forgetfulness. His mercy is SO strong.

Okay, now that you’ve asked Jesus to be your cure and you have laid down the heaviest weight of all- your self- don’t you feel better now? Do you have more hope? More peace? Just wait, there’s more to come and we have better news still. 

new beginning

Congratulations, you are now a child of God. God– the God who thought up the universe and made it– is now your Father and He sees you because, as vast as He is, He is also completely of capable of being right here with you personally, right now as you read these words. He will never leave you. 

You are now His co-heir of His Kingdom and your newborn birthright is that of royalty. You have been given ownership to the Father’s business and the Keys to the Kingdom. Everything you have is His. Everything He has is yours. What an amazing exchange rate. Welcome to the Kingdom!

Remember that owner’s manual we talked about in the beginning? It could also be considered Jesus’ last will and testament, your declaration of independence, and the family photo album. It’s called the Bible and it’s God’s life manual (and a great read). So dive in, learn more about this Jesus Who LOVES you so, and discover all that you NOW are in Christ.


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