Q. When is Check-In & Check-Out?
A. 2-6 pm on Monday & 2 pm on Friday

Q. How many songs will we write per day?
A. 2. There will be 2-3 Co-Writing sessions per day. 

Q. Will my songs get published?
A. Yes! As part of participating in Writers Intensive, all songs written during the event will be published in the People & Songs Catalog and administrated by Music Services. NOTE: You must be affiliated with a PRO to attend these events. Your PRO number and a W9 must be submitted to our publishing department. 

Q. Do I need to bring my own towels or sheets?
A. Nope, we provide sheets, towels, pillows, & blankets. 

Q. Do I need to provide my own transportation from the airport?
A. Yes, you are responsible for all your own ground transportation, There is a Shuttle that runs from O’Hare & Midway to Michigan city. We CAN give you a lift from Michigan City. 

Q. Do you provide Gluten Free food options?
A. Yes, We can most all food allergies or dietary restrictions. Just let us know before the event so we can prep. :)