Ryan Kennedy is a People & Songs artist and writer based in Houston, Texas. Growing up in Houston —the third largest theatre district in the U.S.—afforded Ryan the opportunity to be involved in musical theatre from an early age. By the time he was a teenager, he was musically directing regional plays; and by 17, he had written an entire Broadway musical, along with an accompanying 22-song score. He staged it at Houston’s famous Theatre Under the Stars, attracting the attention of multiple New York producers. The musical was chosen from a group of over 500 projects to be awarded a large grant funding from the National Alliance for Musical Theatre. The show began to move towards a promising future as plans of moving the production to New York came about in creative meetings with producers, investors, and directors. As the show began further developing towards its off-Broadway run, Ryan’s promising career as a Broadway composer came to a halt when he had a profound, life-changing encounter with Christ. Realizing God was calling Him to write and record music that spoke about his newfound faith in Jesus, he left his musical and career behind to recklessly follow the Holy Spirit and never looked back.

Since then, Ryan has opened for MercyMe, Crowder, Brandon Heath, Jonathan Thulin, Sarah Kelly and Urban Rescue and has toured internationally. After spending more than four years as the full-time Director of Worship & Creative Arts at his home church in Texas, Ryan now, when not on tour, leads worship for the 18,000-member congregation at Woodlands Church.

Known for his high-energy, impactful and exciting live events, Ryan and his band use state-of-the-art technology and innovative sound design to explore the God designed experience of music and message. Ryan's passion is to see the Spirit of God overtake a room and the joy of the Lord change the atmosphere. Ryan's music speaks of the unending and eternal hope we have in Jesus and His healing and restorative power in our lives. Landing at the sonic edge where acoustic and electronic meet, Ryan is critically acclaimed for blazing a new path forward past the typical and weaving the ever-changing sonic landscape of music with the never changing truth of the gospel.

In 2016, Ryan attended the GMA Immerse Conference and received the award for Songwriter of the Year. The following year, Ryan was a part of The Emerging Sound and was honored to co-write the songs What I Was Made For, Deeper Still, and Land Of The Living (I Will See The Lord) that will appear on the upcoming album The Emerging Sound Vol. 4. Ryan is so thankful to be a part of such an incredible community and is excited and honored to be officially part the People & Songs family.