Thank you for choosing The Emerging Sound of People & Songs Headquarters to host your upcoming event, retreat, or group!

Please fill out this registration form so that we may get to know you and prepare for your event or your groups arrival and to help us serve you well during your stay at our headquarters.

Among the information needed, we require all attendees that will be involved in songwriting sessions to be affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO).  To complete this form you will need to have registered and affiliated with a PRO such as BMI and provide your PRO number.  If you are not yet affiliated, and are a songwriter, we require this before you can attend any event that will involve songwriting.  You will also be required to send a completed W-9 form should a song you participate in writing be recorded and marketed to the public.  Following your registration, you will be emailed an "Event Waiver Packet" that must be signed and returned electronically.

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Performing Rights Organization (PRO) affiliation is required by any attendee who will be participating in songwriting sessions
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