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May Angeles is a California-bred, first generation Filipino immigrant who delights in all things ‘soul’. Her first platform debut was at the age of 5 at her father’s community church.

May immigrated to the United States with her family in 2001. Though a naturalized US citizen, she strictly professes loyal citizenship to the Kingdom of God and is hungry to see it revealed on earth as it is in Heaven. Passionate about diversity, May’s heartbeat is to build bridges between social, racial, denominational and generational divides.

May is a full-time missionary in People & Songs. As such, she is a signed solo artist/writer, lead voice in the People & Songs touring group and lead writing coach for award-winning songwriting camp The Emerging Sound, in which she has prominent features, and whose albums have charted at #1. Most recently, May was one of the featured artists and writers on the fast-rising single, “Throne Room Song”. Along with her label mates, May participated on the globally viral Facebook video of “Revelation Song” (written by Jennie Lee Riddle, founder/leader of People & Songs). This video currently has over 35 million views.

May is currently working on her solo full-length debut record slated to drop in 2020.