Jeff Mathena

Jeff Mathena is a vocal coach, worship leader, and songwriter, who has quickly become known as one of the premier coaches in the industry. He divides his time between teaching singers out of his Nashville-based studio and traveling the country to work with church worship teams and touring recording artists. For Jeff, training the voice is not just about improving tone or enabling singers to sing higher and more powerfully. It’s also about equipping singers with the ability to use their voices to communicate a message. “The voice in-of-itself has little value apart from the message it carries. And so, voice lessons are not just a technical exercise, but an artistic one, as well.” Nevertheless, it is common for Jeff’s students to discover areas of their voice that they never even knew existed. He has a gift for increasing singers' abilities, while simultaneously decreasing the effort needed to use them. “Great technique–no matter what your pursuit– should always simplify the process; it should never make it more complicated.” 


Jeff serves as a core judge at the Gospel Music Association’s “Immerse Conference,” a guest teacher at Shane and Shane’s “Linger Conference,” and vocal coach at Jennie Lee Riddle’s “Emerging Sound”–the nation’s premier songwriting camp for teens. He is a member of the People and Songs community and the Nashville-based Arts Collective. Some of Jeff’s clients have included Kari Jobe, For King and Country, Phil Wickham, Moriah Peters, Jimmy Needham, and Elevation Worship.